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Yunhee Hong

Software Engineer, Web Developer, Sufficient Experience
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Over 15 Years Experience

4.5 years experience in last 10 years (Part-time)

Python, Data gathering & analysis

Java, Spring Framework


Oracle / MySql

Software engineer

Full-stack Web Developer

Software/System Design

Database Design

Work Values


Users who use System & Software are the proiority for the system design and development.

[ex] After completing development of the intranet system at KIST, I was chosen by customers as the only maintenance member thanks to the convenient system which I was designed and developed.

Think further

Think beyond the needs for extendability & integration

[ex] When building a messaging automation system, I designed and developed considering extendability so that I could respond to additional demands of customers flexibly afterward.

On time

Keep schedules through proper and efficient planning

[ex] Most of the projects I had, were delivered and performed on time.


Users can use a system/software stably and peacefuly

[ex] When working at Samsung, I completed my developments without any error so that I could get extra education(about Component Based Design) during debuging periods.


Career History

2020. 8. - Now

Software engineer, Troubleshooting for the system/software

Temporary, Calcutta Communication, Korea

* Freelancer
* When the software or system have some error or doesn't work properly, I support and help to find the reason out and solve the problem.
* I consult for asking about software design and system architecture.
* I program for special orders from customers using Python, JAVA, PHP.

2015. 11. - 2020. 7.

Software engineer, Software maintenance

Calcutta Communication, Korea

* The company runs data business, data-driven market analysis & forecast and I had built and operated most of the system for it including analysis, architecture, design, program.
* The whole system from crawling data to presenting the processed information on the web for anlaysis and reporting to customers are running automatically everyday.
* This system has been composed about 15 server machines including AWS, Virtual machine on Linux/Windows and connected about 15 countries to gather data.
* Python (Selenium, Pandas, Sqlalchemy ...), JAVA(Spring framework), PHP, Oracle, MySQL, Stored procedure of DB are used.
* Numerous data are created everyday so that database are designed considering particularly performance and stability.

2008. 5. - 2011. 3.

Software engineer, Project Management

HanaINS, Korea

* I was mainly involved the project that built the new banking system of HANA bank using JAVA.
* I was in charge of management for building customer relations module and performed overall tasks for it such as scheduling, supervising subcontractors (including programmers), debugging, controling quality and so on.
* At the first assessment of the last session of the project, the module recorded the lowest level of error ratio. (about 1% compared to commonly 15% of other modules)

2006. 3. - 2008. 3.

Software engineer & Web developer

Hyundai Moters, Mirae Essets & etc, Korea

* I was responsible to develop and design the intranet system.

2003. 5. - 2005. 1.

Software engineer & JAVA programmer

KIST, Korea

* I was involved the project that built the new intranet system of KIST using JAVA and Oracle.
* I was in charge of building the payment mudule and, after completion of the project, I was responsible to maintanace of payment and financial module.
* I performed overall tasks such as design software, database, program all functions of payment as well as common exception controlling module.
* When the system finished, I was designated as the only maintance member by the customers owing to that the payment system was easy and convenient to use.

2001. 10. - 2003. 3.

Software engineer, Project Management

Iforcesystems, Korea

* The company was a provider of CMS(Customer Management System) software and provided to many customers such as LGCard, National Statistical Office and so on.
* Firstly, I had contributed to develop the software, especially, I was in charge of user tracking/statistics module using JAVA.
* Secondly, I was in charge of development of the Contents Recommendation System with Soongsil University. AI lab of the university developed the core engine using AI technology such as Machine Learning. I managed the overall processes of it, commercialized it and set it up to customers' sites.

2000. 6. - 2001. 9.

Software engineer & Computer programmer

Samsung Data System, Korea

* I worked at the department for the building of the intranet system, ACUBE, which has been used through the entire Samsung group.
* I was in charge of some part of the portal mudule and developed them using JAVA, Oracle and so on.
* Especially, I programmed the common module related to LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocal), which was aimed for lightening the system by not using database.
* At the assessment on the last session of the project, my modules recorded the lowest level of the error ratio. As a result, I could have got the CBD(Component Based Design) education during the debugging period because I didn't need to debug for the program.

1997. 12. - 2000. 3.

Software engineer, Software maintenance

Clestra Hauserman, Netropolis & etc, Korea

* I was responsible to develop and manage the website of the companies.

Recent Portfolio

Real App Ranking Service

of Calutta Communication

Developed with Python / JAVA / PHP
Whole processes performed automatically (from gathering data to showing them on the web)

Other Screen shots

Calcutta Communication


Calcutta Communication


Calcutta Communication



Education & Certifications


Computing, Bachelor of Engineering, Soongsil University, Korea (1998)

Psychology, Bachelor of Liberal Arts, NILE, Korea (2016)


Crash Course on Python, Coursera|Google (2022)

SCJP, Sun Microsystems (2004)

OCA, Oracle (2004)

PMP, PMI (2005)


IELTS General 6.5 (2021)


Colleagues & Friend


Eunhee Choi

Since 2000, Web Developer

She is quite responsable as well as warm-hearted.


Meryl YounHwan Ko

Since 2015, CEO of Calcutta Comm.

Thank you always ^^ :)


Eunjung Kwak

Since 1990, Friend

BTS, who is a pupular and talented music group to people
Yunhee, who is a popular and honest friend to me